We have openings in Fall 2024 for one PhD student and one postdoctoral fellow to pursue research on developing signal processing and deep learning techniques for image, graph, and/or time series datasets. Candidates should have a strong mathematical background, particularly in statistics and linear algebra, and should have prior experience developing and validating deep learning models using PyTorch or TensorFlow. Strong Python, MATLAB, and C/C++ coding skills are required for these positions. Postdoctoral applicants must have a strong prior publication record with lead-author peer-reviewed journal papers evidencing their signal processing and deep learning skills.

BIDSLab Graduate Applicants: Prospective graduate students should apply to the Biomedical Engineering PhD program at UMass Amherst. Applicants should reference Prof. Dutta in their Personal Statement. Prospective international students must meet UMass Amherst's English language proficiency requirements.

BIDSLab Postdoctoral Applicants: Prospective postdoctoral fellows should apply using this link.

Queries about these openings should be sent via email to with subject "BIDSLab Graduate Applicant" or "BIDSLab Postdoctoral Applicant" and should contain the following attachments/information:

  1. Curriculum vitae highlighting relevant coursework and research experience
  2. Undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  3. Institutional email addresses of 3 references

Due to the high volume of emails received about open positions, only emails with the exact subject mentioned above and containing complete information will be considered.